About us

Hello and welcome to Oak & Birch.

My name is Kelly & in case you can’t tell I LOVE all things Home Décor & more! Oak & Birch was born out of a pure desire to help you create a space that feels calming, inviting and makes you want to spend time there through stunning & unique décor! 

My love for interiors started when I was a child. I would cut out pictures of houses and interiors and dream about my first home and how I would build and decorate it. My bedroom was full of plants in baskets and scattered with ornaments that I had gathered from our family trips.

As time progressed & my passion didn’t show any signs of slowing… Oak and Birch was born & I haven’t looked back since!

At Oak & Birch we aren’t believers in following trends & is one of the reasons we love to source unique & one-off pieces that tell a story from all around the world!

So go on.. take a peek & why not surround yourself with beautiful things that make YOUR heart sing! 

Kelly xx